”Do workouts for your mind, body, soul and health, to feel good, and not to just look good – that’s the difference”.  



Having basically no makeup at these pictures, getting out of my comfort zone💪 And the link is a little clip from the gym today. Such a nice view 🌸


Went for a wee walk with a friend, it is so pretty around here.



It was a nice Sunday with studies, going to the gym and going for a walk, and then more studies.

Take care guys,


Be careful about your bicycles!

Hello sweeties! When I was going home from work I unlocked my bicycle, and then I saw that one random person had locked my bicycle! I had to ask the police for help and they kindly helped me.

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The day after, when I was bicycling home from my work again, I saw that they did the same on another bicycle at the exactly same spot..


I guess someone wanted to take my bicycle the first day and was waiting until it was less people around the mall.. But they didn’t succeed! I hope the other bicycle got help as well..

Well, well, be careful about yourself and your bicycles guys!!


2 years in Great Britain!

Hello sweeties, wow time goes by so quickly!!

I’ve been living in Glasgow now for about 9 months, which equals 2 years here in Great Britain (Since I lived last year in Oxford). Now there’s only one exam left and then I’ll go back to Sweden for a summer break, it will be nice.

I hope you’re doing great,

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Hard work pays off

Helloo! Studies are now srsly feeling like hardwork these days but I like it, I feel that I am learning lots. It is paying off all the hard work we do.

Take care guys and don’t forget to do something fun! Today I went to a café with some friends after 8 hours of studies and then went back to do some more work, all the best xx